How to Change or Remove ‘Powered by Shopify’

Let’s look at the best way to change the ‘Powered by Shopify’ message that appears in your Shopify footer. You can also use the same method to remove it altogether.

There are lots of guides out there on how to remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ from the footer but I couldn’t find one explaining how to change it. So I thought I’d cover both.

Also, most of those guides tell you to delete the code altogether if you want to remove it. But there is a better, safer, way.

How to Change ‘Powered by Shopify’

Step 1

Go to Shopify Admin and click on Online Store > Themes, in the left-hand navigation.

Change Powered By Shopify - Step1

Step 2

In the area that shows your current theme, click the Action dropdown. Then select Edit Code.

Change Powered By Shopify - Step2

Step 3

In the search box within the theme editor, enter the word ‘footer’. You’ll then see a file under Sections, called ‘footer.liquid’. Click on that ‘footer.liquid’ file to open it.

Change Powered By Shopify - Step3

Step 4

OK, now at the very top of footer.liquid (so line 1) add this code:

{% capture powered_by_link %}
<a href="url goes here">text goes here</a>
{% endcapture %}
Change Powered By Shopify - Step4

Replace ‘url goes here’ and ‘text goes here’ with whatever URL and text you want.

For example, mine would look like this:

{% capture powered_by_link %}
<a href="">Built by NeuralCandy</a>
{% endcapture %}

If you don’t want a clickable link, i.e. you just want to display some text, then you can just remove the URL and change the tags from <a> to <p>, like this:

{% capture powered_by_link %}
<p>Built by NeuralCandy</p>
{% endcapture %}

The End Result

Now when you go to your site, the powered by Shopify link has been replaced:

Change Powered By Shopify - How it looks

How to Remove ‘Powered by Shopify’

OK, so that’s how to change the powered by Shopify wording but what if you want to simply remove it altogether. Easy, just follow the exact same steps above but replace the code with this:

{% capture powered_by_link %}

{% endcapture %}

That’s it, no more to it than that. Here we are simply leaving the output empty, so we are telling Shopify to grab the powered by link and replace it with nothing.

Why this Approach is Better than Deleting or Editing Existing Code

As I mentioned earlier, all of the other guides I have seen online showing you how to remove powered by Shopify tell you to delete or change part of the existing code in footer.liquid.

This is a bad approach for a number of reasons:

  • You have to change the code in a number of places, so it gets confusing
  • If you make even the smallest mistake in what you delete you will break your theme
  • If you want to revert back to showing the default ‘powered by Shopify’ link then you’re stuck because you’ve deleted the code

Wrapping Up

So now you know how to change or remove the powered by Shopify link. You can add additional styling with CSS if you want to get fancy.

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